We believe that transformation is a life long journey. There is no arrival point.

And – we also believe that IMMERSION is key for rapid transformation.

  • Six-day, meticulously designed programme
  • More than 45 opportunities to break through your own barriers
  • You are focused on YOU for a whole week.
  • A grounded, powerful, intense approach
  • YOU will have a true experience of transformation
  • Gently confronting
  • it will take you deep into yourself to be able to unlock and unleash your authentic nature
  • We give you tools for LIFE
  • You can use these tools once you get home and integrate into your life.
  • This retreat experience is INTIMATE - We are only accepting 20 people to share this journey.

  • Ask Yourself:


  • What relationship BreakThrough do you desire?
  • What career BreakThrough do you want?
  • What leadership BreakThrough do you aspire to?
  • Is this you?

    Prerequisite: New Perspectives

    The BreakThrough retreat is designed for someone who is ready to go to the next level in his or her lives. This requires a big commitment in yourself – and of your energy, your money and your time. The people that you meet at BreakThrough often become friends for life because the bond that you create during this week long experience is deep and profound.

    This retreat is designed for people who are serious about living at the highest levels of life. People who are ready to look at themselves for a week and support the group as we all go through a profound transformational experience.

    This retreat is designed for people who have the courage to let go of Normal life for a week and choose to live a Natural life.

    The BreakThrough experience is designed for great people who want the most out of life.
    In BreakThrough, people learn how to employ new Communication and Leadership patterns, which translates into:

  • Ability to resolve conflict
  • Relieving stress
  • Overcoming negativity
  • Increasing the possibility of developing successful personal and professional relationships
  • "Results are the only true measure of success"
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    Volunteer Support Opportunity

    The Personal Growth Centre offers its BreakThrough grads the opportunity to continue their transformational journey by supporting future participants as a support volunteer.


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