"The continuing process of expanding the vision of your personal potential to make
a greater positive impact WITH your life!"


  • The purpose of Global Impact is to identify and develop personal and leadership skills that empower individuals and groups.
  • Team working, planning by objective, problem solving, motivating others...
  • Global Impact creates an environment that encourages individual risk-taking...in safety.
  • And it addresses the “visionary” aspect of leadership… and its effect on impersonal relationships... that is, people me may never meet.
  • You will clarify your Global Dream while you learn tools.
  • Team initiatives, centerings and outdoor activities are blended into a profound and powerful week of Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual growth.
  • Team initiatives, centerings, stress-management exercises, studies of Great Leaders of past, present and future, Tai Chi, unforgettable outdoor activities and free time are blended into a profound and powerful week of Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual growth.
  • Prerequisite: BreakThrough


    Most people want to make a difference IN their lives. Leaders make a difference WITH their lives! Doing "more with less" is becoming a way of life in our society. We are in a fast-paced environment in which we have to make and delegate, an increasing amount of decisions and duties at work and at home.

    New Perspectives and BreakThrough address the "integrity" aspects of leadership and its effect on personal and professional relationships. Global Impact addresses the "visionary" aspect of leadership...and its effect on impersonal relationships ...that is, people we may never meet. In Global Impact you will clarify your global "Dream!"

    Successes are achieved in areas such as team working, planning by objective, problem solving and motivating others. Equally important, participants will learn tools that enable them to continue this process long after the seminar has ended.

    Global Impact creates a fun and supportive environment that encourages individual risk-taking ... in safety. Participants will learn how to recognize the differences between perceived fear and real risk.

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    Volunteer Support Opportunity

    The Personal Growth Centre offers its Global Impact grads the opportunity to continue their
    transformational journey by supporting future participants as a support volunteer.


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