Personal Development Mentoring

Anne James (LinkedIn)
The Mentoring Experience is a one-on-one session that enhances your awareness to explore in depth who you are and where you are going.

Your mentoring experience includes tools, concepts and regular scheduled meetings, lasting one to two hours, to keep you on track with your intentions.

The Benefits of the Mentoring Experience

  • Positive lasting personal change
  • Creating value for yourself and others
  • Living each day with energy, integrity, passion and joy
  • Feeling alive, healthy, peaceful and whole

If you are looking for these benefits then … the services of a Mentor will accelerate your personal growth

The Way of the Mentoring Experience

Through the Mentoring Experience you will delve into your Personal Journey, where you have been, where you are going and what is preventing you from living the life of your dreams.

You will be exploring concepts and using tools, that create successful, balanced lives that are taught on an individual basis.

You will learn to effectively integrate these tools and concepts into your life for long-term results.

Anne James is the President, Facilitator and Chief Operating Officer of The Personal Growth Centre.

She is an event planner, impresario, facilitator, personal mentor and teacher who has an intuition that defies logic. Anne feels free to use this in all areas of her life. Her passion for music and dance is superseded only by her passion for peace, both personal and global. Anne’s method of teaching is empowerment of others in a love-based manner. She has overcome the many challenges in her life by utilizing the concepts of love-based leadership.


Gail Robertson – Counselor and Life Skills Coach

  • “When filling in a questionnaire which asked “Who do you admire most and why?” the first person that came to my mind was Anne James.  Anne, you treat yourself and everyone you meet with dignity and respect and lighten many situations with your humour.  You constantly challenge yourself and others to reach their potential by pointing out their strengths.  You are open-minded, an excellent team player and empower others to leadership roles and ownership of their abilities. One of your greatest strengths is your passion and your ability to incite that passion in others.”

Diane Imfeld

  • “You are wise, compassionate, insightful, and dedicated, as well as perceptive and direct.  For every issue I present, you somehow reach inside me and lead me to find my own answers.  You have encouraged me to replace anxiety and self-doubt with gratitude and certainty.  Your insights have allowed me to recover my personal power to create a happier, healthier, and prosperous life.  By putting myself in your hands, I am getting out of my own way and achieving great things. You ARE a natural mentor… building a better world!”

Brandi Jasmine – Writer

  • “You are a huge blessing in my life.  You have an amazing ability to take an intuitive picture and ask the right question that triggers my own problem-solving abilities.  Anne, you consistently cut through confusion to the heart of the matter, and put it back to me in a way that the answer is impossible to miss.  Mentoring with you is a perfect compliment to the student who wants to go beyond.”

Andre Kennedy – Entrepreneur

  • “You are an inspirational beacon in my life – a mentor, coach and business associate.  Your effectiveness comes as a result of being uncannily present coupled with your ability to listen. You have a safe yet demanding nature and you support me in staying true to myself and to say what I mean and mean what I say!”

Chris Cuciurean – Salesperson

  • “In all of our interactions I have found that you live by what you teach.   There is no greater demonstration of love-based teaching – the example of your life lived speaks volumes to me, sheer volumes.  You are a teacher who both inspires and empowers.  I am very grateful.”

Bobby Fielding – SQL Language Architect and Business Associate

  • “I have benefited from your awareness and courage to embrace the difficult questions.  I am inspired by you, Anne as you share your vision with me, painting a beautiful picture of what you see and what I have yet to express in my life.”

Janet Battaglio – Artist

  • “Anne, you have an innate sense of what to ask, when. You have the insight and understanding of how things work and the ability to ask the questions that lead to the answers I am looking for.  I don’t know how you do it, I do know you are every effective at helping me move the things out of my way by challenging my thoughts and supporting what ever the outcome.”

Nick Miceli – Bio-Statistician

  • “Holding a space for me without advice was exactly what I needed.  You have a talent for figuring out exactly what someone needs.  I am very grateful for your support.”