Are you ready to take the Quantum Leap?

New Perspectives is a weekend learning experience, a journey of self- discovery. This experience shows participants how to move from fear-based living to love-based leadership, the leadership of the self.

Our facilitators work with class participants to recognize and enhance the attitudes, skills and abilities which they already have... the strengths needed to prosper, both personally and professionally.

As a participant you will laugh. You will be moved. You will grow. You will become the person you want to be. You will learn to get the best in your life.


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Experiential Learning

Experience is the best teacher! Through lecture, discussion, sharing and introspection you will discover your blind spots and what is holding you back from the success you so richly deserve.


  • Improve your relationships
  • Focus and make better decisions
  • Experience living fully and fun
  • Think clearly and clarify your values
  • Relax and manage stress
  • Create win/win situations
  • Build higher self-esteem
  • Achieve peace of mind


    What is the biggest challenge in relationships? What is the solution to the biggest challenge in relationships? You will learn to understand the source of these issues and to recognize the signals. This will enable you to communicate effectively.


    In order to understand others, you need to understand yourself. New Perspectives will show you a different perspective on who you are - a conscious perspective, your own perspective.

    A Practical Tool Box

    Imagine having a set of tools that can be used when issues arise. You will learn new approaches which will increase your confidence. New Perspectives gives you this Tool Box and the experience to use it.

    Tools & concepts explained over the weekend:

  • Trust
  • Our four natures
  • Communication
  • Stress reduction technique
  • Old programmes
  • 6 Steps to Continuous Growth
  • Creating Desired Results
  • Objective/Subjective mind
  • Three R's - Resentment, Resistance, Revenge
  • Forgiveness
  • Responsibility & Accountability
  • Celebration
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    Twice the Fun

    The Personal Growth Centre offers its clients the opportunity to re-visit New Perspectives at no-charge, once within a twelve month period.


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